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Things That Can Be Reduced At Home

Things That Can Be Reduced At Home

Things That Can Be Reduced At Home

There really is always and always a way in which you can help the planet earth and we know it starts with you.

As we and you all know that the planet is suffocating in pollution especially plastic pollution, we see it everywhere these days and we all know that the world will not be the same if we act. Whether we are all not we should still act.

You might think that that you alone can NOT change the world but every little helps especially when you can start changing the world right at home.

Simple changes in your life and how you live can and will reduce waste at home and if everyone pulled their weight we can and will have a sustainable environment.

Really Really simple things that you can start changing at home will make a huge difference you reducing everything and we are going to start.

In no order whatsoever.

1. Stop buying plastic water bottles

You heard me right, stop buying plastic water bottles! your buying water in a earth polluting container.

plastic bottles are a no-no and so is using paper cups. A complete waste, You need to get yourself a durable water bottle that lasts & lasts.

Worried about unfiltered Water?

We have all bought plastic water for 2 reasons, 1 it’s easy to get and 2nd is that the water is purer than tap water. If you’re finding yourself in the latter than maybe its time you got yourself a water filter system. They really are good and you should check them out and they’re not as expensive as you might think.

No Plastic Bottles.

2. Say No To The Plastic Bags.

This is so easy and so many people fail at this as they are so tradianilised by parents when we go shopping etc that we get the plastic bags thier. Start getting into a habit of buying a few great life long bags made from material and not plastic.

It is too easy to get plastic bags from your local supermarket, they should now start being banned and force everyone to get reusable bags.

Tip. Keeping them in your car is a great way of never forgetting them (not that we encourage using your car all the time). Or use online shopping but make sure you use supermarkets that don’t use plastic bags.

No Plastic Bags

3.Recycle Recycle Recycle

Properly the most environmentally way of reducing waste is to recycle as much as you can. It’s really not as hard as people might think. Different areas and different countries have different measures to recycle but once you get to know them it is so easy to recycle.

You can recycle practically everything and more and more companies are getting on top of this too. Start at home by recycling glass, jars, metal, clothes etc. You can do it and feel great that it’s not heading into a landfill site.

Become A Recycler.

4. Stop Buying Too Much Food.

One of the biggest problems we have with our eating habits is that we buy way too much food. When you’re at the supermarket, make sure you go after you just eaten so you won’t be tempted to buy crap. If you can don’t take the kids as they will pressure you to buy more crap.

Start Making Homemade food Plans.

This really is another example of how we have been brainwashed into buying more food, by buying processed foods all the time. It’s really is lazy and unhealthy for you all the time and you’re going to waste a lot of it.

Learn to get cooking simple homemade foods for you and your family and only buy what you know you are going to eat. You feel proud that you can do it and also will waste less, spend less and start being healthier.

Portion Control, Just cook the food your going to eat and not waste.

Get Composting.

When you waste food it goes into the bin and then to landfill sites, try start composting your waste. It’s really not as hard as you think.

Get yourself a composting bin and put it at the side or back of your house and throw all your food waste into it. Once you learned how to do it your garden will get nutrients from your waste and you reduce waste all again.

Your garden will appreciate and look better and your feel another good feeling of helping mother earth.

Portion Control Homemade Food.

5. Habit Using Reusable Containers.

Now you’re getting the hang of this, your starting to buy smartly, eco-friendly and cooking homemade foods while composting the waste. Now you can take it up a gear and start storing food in reusable jars or containers.

The benefits is that you not throwing stuff away and reusing them whilst keeping things as fresh as possible for longer.

Getting airtight glass jars for things like breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, flour, biscuits etc will keep them fresh for longer and won’t go as stale as they would normally. You also recycle the packaging that they come in.

try staying away from plastic containers, use metal or glass ones.

6. Try To Repair Not Throw

Things get broken and what do we do, throw it away and buy another cheap one. Instead of doing this try and see if you can fix it first. Whatever it can be, their might be an easy repair solution then to buy another one.

Clothes can be fixed, electric appliances can be repaired, furniture can be repaired, practically anything can be and I bet there’s a solution on youtube.

Just get in the that frame of mind of finding a solution rather than throwing it away.

7. Stop buying disposables

Some people are that lazy they will buy disposable plates and cutlery than to wash up. Really bad practice and not very good for the planet. Get Your hands in the sink people.

8. Cut Down On Post.

Some people get loads and loads of junk mail and statements through the post everyday, try going paperless with all your accounts.

If your getting a lot of junk mail, Return to Sender without paying the postage. They will have to pay it and will mostly take you off their list. Reducing waste again.

Would love to know more Tips from You, Comment below on how you reduce waste.

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