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Incredible Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials

Incredible jewelry made from recycled materials

Today’s Recycled Handmade Jewelry

Incredible Jewelry made from recycled materials. You are changing the way you think and want to start going green on yourself but without actually looking crap, not only can you but you will still look and feel good buying Jewellery that is actually recycled.

Todays Recycled Handmade Jewelry is getting better and better than ever before and it does not look like a young girl with a creative mind that made some earrings out off old can of coke. In fact, today’s, handmade jewelry looks ALMOST as good as brand new ones if you are not looking at it under a microscope.

Whatever Jewelry you like, either a nice necklace, sweet chains, sweet rings or stylish earrings you will like the Recycled Handmade Jewelry that we have found around the big old internet.

Not only will you feel and look good wearing recycled jewelry, you will also know that you helping with the planet, cleaning up the planet and that will make you feel great to.

Recycled Jewellery Ideas

Recycled Earrings

Maybe start with the first thing that a woman loves is recycled earrings

Bottled Up designs Handmade Recycled earrings made from depression glass, vintage Clorox bottle, antique depression glasses and lots more.

They must take ages to make Recycled Handmade Jewelry bottle but you got to admit it, they look pretty good.

Prices vary from $18 to $36

You can see bottled up designs different sets Here

Recycled Bangles & Bracelets

These recycled bangles and bracelets are great for yourself or as recycled gifts, smart, fun and colourful. Prices range from around $22 and you can see more designs HERE. All handmade from old stainless steel.

Recycled Rings

These handmade recycled rings are Bright, fun and eco-friendly. All made again from stainless steel and old bottles. The craftsmanship is underlying good and the prices are around $30. See more designs HERE

Recycled Jewelry Ideas – Cheap and Easy DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration Video

Want to make your own, Check out this video from youtube channel Mary Tardito who has some very interesting ideas.

Hope you enjoyed our little guide of Incredible Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials, if you got any ideas and tips comment below, let us know. It starts with you.

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