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Impact Of Cars On The Environment

Impact Of Cars On The Environment

Birth and Death Of Car

car production
Car Production costs more than you think

The Impact Of Cars On The Environment is a big threat to everything. The start of the birth of a car leaves a big footprint as they need materials like glass, paints, plastics, steel, chemicals, rubber and not to mention plastics.

The production of the car, industrial pollution, the energy factories need to use to make them, it all adds up and you know how many cars are on the road. Imagine the consumption of materials and energy we have used over the years, it’s quite scary.

The death of a car is also hits the environment leaving things around like plastics, acids, rubber, toxic and other things that the environment hates. The good news is that you might not notice is that scrap yards are becoming smaller and smaller due to the fact we can recycle most of the car. Which is good.

Car pollutants

The pollution of cars have massive impacts on the environment, the remains of exhausts like solid matter and gasses help towards warming the planet up, acid rains, noise pollution, oil/fuel spills. The main contributor to the world is cars and trucks and any other form of gas/petrol engines.

Global Warming

global warming
The Planet is Warming up.

The impact of car pollution is the main cause for global warming. The bad toxins of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases help trap heat in our ozone layer which causes the global warming. Greenhouse gases are a good thing but only if we control it properly

Without greenhouse gases, the world would be a very cold place and properly covered in lots of snow and ice. So we do need them but not as much as we are throwing into the atmosphere right now.

You might think the world is a big planet and you are right, surely it would take tons and tons of carbon dioxide to warm up our planet but the fact of the planet all around has warmed up almost a degree since the 1900’s and will continue warming up faster and faster is a very scary thought.

Global warming has a big impact on wildlife, sea levels, farming, natural areas and so much more. All because we think we need to drive.

Our Own Health

It is not just the planet warming up with bad toxins but they affect us as well. Engines run on types of diesel emit airborne particles of metal and soot that can cause irritation to the eyes and skin. The very fine particles can get into our lungs which causes long term breathing problems.

Nitrogen dioxide reacts with Hydrocarbons in the atmosphere which is good but not down here on street level as it can cause chest pains, coughing and all different kinds of respiration problems.

health pollution

Carbon monoxide are very bad to inhale as they cut down the bloods job of transporting oxygen around the body. This is especially bad for people who have heart problems and also bad for the young.

There are a lot more bad emissions from a car that I could write a whole article on not to mention noise pollution that can have an effect on people’s hearing. The Impact Of Cars On The Environment on health is worse than you think.

The Air, The Soil and The Water

The bad effects of poisonous gasses affect everything starting from Nitrogen and sulfur contaminated rainwater that is basically acid rain. This rain slowly destroys crops, forests, natural areas, vegetation and slowly rots buildings and other structures.

The pollution hurts the ozone making holes in it and that’s bad as the ozone protects us from the sun’s radiation.

oil contamination Impact Of Cars On The Environment
Not nice at all, oil contamination.

Soil is affected by the leaks of fuel, oils, car acids and other contaminants which can also get into rivers, seas, oceans and other wetlands.

Reducing Car Pollution

You can reduce your carbon footprint in your car by making a few simple changes and we have already written an article on that which is How Can I Make My Car More Eco-Friendly which you should check out

But some simple tips is to maintain your car, make the car lighter, and relax your driving down. Start using road bikes or use public transport when you can.

A great video from National Geographic channel of your carbon footprint

Hope you got some useful information from this Impact Of Cars On The Environment article and if you would like to comment, please do so below.

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