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How Can I Make My Car More Eco-Friendly?

How Can I Make My Car More Eco-Friendly

How Can I Make My Car More Eco-Friendly?

One of the best ways of being eco friendly is not to buy anything at all especially when you think your being greener by purchasing products you dont really need. Your just creating more waste. Just think about it. The more things you buy to replace, the more you throw out waste.

This is also true with cars, but I will be a little hypocritical on myself here and say that replacing your car with either a full powered electric car or hybrid is all good with me.

So if your car is still a good runner, stick with it and understand there are seriously good ways to get more miles out of your car whilst reducing carbon into the environment.

There is also an underlying bonus is that you save more money while you were adjusting your car. Which is a win-win for you and the environment!

Ways To Make My Car More Eco-Friendly

Drive Patiently and Slow Down.

This is a serious no brainer that really is making you eat lead faster. Thinking you are the latest formula one driver on the streets might make you feel great for a few minutes but you are just pumping more carbon out. It will be costing you a lot more in gas/petrol than you think.

Slow down your driving even if your naturally impatient will save you money and be more eco friendly.

Science facts tells us that all motors start losing their gas/petrol economy over the 50/55 mph and that’s the reason the average speed limits are around 50/55 mph. If your driving 75 mph instead of 65 mph your using up more than 14% more gas/petrol.

E= Mc2, The faster you go the more energy you need to compensate.

Even if your car is idle and not moving, turn your engine off. Your car’s engine will not brake doing this, and refen going in Drive throughs. Park up and go inside starbucks or mcdonalds. Your just wasting your gas/petrol and more money and throwing more pollution into the atmosphere.

So become a more Eco Driver.

Slow Down Speed Demon.

Reduce Weight In Your Car.

People do not realise that having a heavier car means that more energy is needed to move, even if you do have a Heavy car, you can always make it lighter by getting ride off all the junk in it.

Remove The Following Items that will affect your gas/petrol consumption if your not using them.

  • Your Bike Rack/bikes
  • Golf Clubs
  • Fishing Gear
  • Tools
  • Car Seats
  • Dog Crates
  • Hunting Guns
  • Stuffed Gym Bags
  • Junk
  • You Get The Point.

If you’re not using them in your travels, don’t use them. Seriously it all adds up and you will save money by storing them in your home.

The only advantage of adding weight is if your car sharing. 1 car travelling is way more eco-friendly than 2 or more cars.

Remove The Junk
Remove The Junk From Your Car When Not Inuse.

Buy Low Resisting tyres.

Before you go out and buy your new set of tyres make sure you need to as we dont want to be wasting good tyres just for the sake of it.

Tyres these days do have a big impact on the gas/petrol you will use. The big tyre designers & engineers these days have found ways to reduce friction and drag on tyres that will have big benefits on your carbon emissions.

Low Rolling resistance tyres are engineered so that when the tyre is rolling it reduces the energy loss which basically means that you need less energy to make the tyres roll. Which is a good thing for your fuel consumption!

Close Your Car Windows

Opening your car windows on a hot sunny day is a good feeling especially when you have the music pumped up. Even though this might make us feel good it increases the drag on your car like a sail in the sea.

Increasing your fuel consumption up to 10%

close car windows
keep Windows Shut if You Can.

No Air Conditioning.

This is going to be a bit tricky especially when the weather is really hot, If you can try NOT to use Air conditioning in your car. Try just using the cool air ventilation.

Using the Air conditioning will increase your fuel consumption up to 20% and that’s hurtful for the planet and your wallet.

Try To Avoid using Air Con In Car
Try To Avoid using Air Con In Car

Chose The Right Fuel.

In Usa, Most gas stations offer three grades of petrol. Premium , reg and Plus. In the Uk its Reg or Supreme.

If your into the habit of buying the best stuff, chances are that you are wasting money without any realistically increase car performance.

Today’s cars have well-designed engines that can run just as good on regular fuels than the apparently better ones.

The only way to really tell is if you can be bothered to do a little case study on your car.

Case Study.

To do this is quite simple, Get your car fuel almost on empty. Fill it right up with the Regular Fuel, reset the mileage counter and drive normally until your almost out of fuel again.

Fill it back up with the Premium Fuel, Reset the mileage counter and drive normally again until your almost empty.

Compare both the mileage counters and depending on what car you have you might see a big difference or barely anything at all.

In today’s cars you probably will see the latter so you know you dont need to fork out extra.

We would Love to know any more tips and tricks from you on “How Can I Make My Car More Eco-Friendly”. Please comment below

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It Starts With You.

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