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Etee Food Wraps Reviews

Etee Food Wraps Reviews

Official Website:-

Etee Food Wrap Reviews, by now you should know that this site is serious about waste reduction, recycling, reusing and repurposing. And when it comes to reviewing stuff, we need to know if it works, if it helps and is it cost effective way of changing.

As we all know and do, our habit of traditionally wrapping up any kind of food as always been in plastic wrapping. We were born into it, moulded by it (no reference to Tom Hardy’s Bane in the dark knight rises ;-)).

The thought now of wrapping thin plastic wrapping around everything like our sandwiches, fruits and anything else I could and would throw in the fridge actually makes me feel guilty of hurting our beautiful planet earth (I’m not sad, I just care.)

So looking and researching into different kinds of food wraps that need to be

  • Organic (so it can decompose naturally)
  • Washable (just in cold water)
  • Very reusable (for cost & eco-friendly)
  • Wrap (so we could wrap anything)

and I come across the Etee Food Wrap which you can look at Here

So I wanted to research it more and decode it for myself and you in this Etee Food Wraps Reviews, I have researched a lot so it might be a little boring but you need to know before purchasing.

organic etee food wraps
Wrap almost anything

What is the Etee Organic Wrap?

The “Etee organic food wrap” on its label and states that you can wrap any food in it and will preserve it naturally for days.

I do agree you can wrap anything in them but because they come in different sizes, it was hard to wrap too many sandwiches in them unless I bought more (which I did) as a single pack they come in our in 3 different sizes

They are made from organic cotton which has been coated in natural beeswax and joined with organic fine jojoba oil (which makes them smell nice), they have a very flexible and waxy structure.

A few more organic oils are added to cover the beeswax natural aroma but there’s not an overwhelming power of smell.

The use of dye in the product is 100% natural as I found out from researching.

Natural wraps and Their History

You are probably thinking, why would I (you) want to read this bit? Well, you are right and I wanted to put this little section in just to let you know that waxing etc has been preserving food for thousands of years and you can see why they work.

Organic cotton waxing dates back years and years and I have researched it to believe even Egyptians used it to mummify their kings and queens (not that scary), to preserve the body for the afterlife.

This worked but when they put beeswax on it, it lasted longer as they can tell this from the (poor people) mummies that were tested on. (reference if interested in mummies)

Modern-day beeswax paper has only really been in production for around 15 years as people don’t really want to disturb the hive as its used to make the honeycomb which is filled with honey from the bees. But since the bees don’t use it all, humans have started to use it for other things including Etee Food Wraps.

mummy in organic wrapping
Want to preserve yourself, get mummified 😉

Why We Use Plastic.

We have been using plastics for a long time and if you are looking around your house and especially the kitchen (check out our article on how to go plastic free in the kitchen) you will see you have plastic cutlery, machines made from plastic, containers made from plastic, plastic bags and plastic food wraps.

The main reason for all of us in using plastic is that its cheap, easily available and has millions of uses.

But we all now know the dangers of too much plastic in the world and its not good. It takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and it’s killing the oceans and we have too much in landfill sites.

Click Here To Check Etee Wraps Out From Official Site

Are this Etee Food wraps user-friendly?

When you use plastic wraps you can just pull one out of the kitchen drawer and just stick it around your food within seconds, the drawback of the Etee Food Wraps is that you first have to warm them up in your hands first.

This is basically so they can be twisted and wrapped around then naturally moulded on your food or jars. It does not pain really but we would love it to be a bit quicker.

etee User-friendly food wraps.
etee User-friendly food wraps.

Etee Food Wraps Reviews: The Positives?

Here We Have the positives and a few negatives that we found out using these Etee Food wraps instead of using plastics but we all have to start changing.

  • Crack resistant: The wraps are covered in natural tree resins which helps protect it.
  • Reusable: You can reuse and reuse this Etee Food wraps time and time again, just wash them after a few uses to start again.
  • 100% Organic: Nothing in here except 100% organic, no chemicals, no perfumes nothing. You will not contaminate any foods with them.
  • Antimicrobial: The Etee Food wraps fungistatic and bacteriostatic which means that once you wrap your food with it, will not help mould growth, does not lose moisture, doesn’t dry out and keeps food fresh.
  • Wraps Well: Just wrap your food in this wraps and the wraps stay in place. You can wrap them around bowls and jars as well without the need of rubber bands.
  • Saves Money In Long Run: Get the family pack which has 9 wraps and they can be used up to around 160 times each. Just imagine how much you won’t be using plastics and foils and saving money.
  • 100% Biodegradable: considering plastics take 100’s of years if not thousands to degrade this etee food wraps will biodegrade within a few weeks and this is the most important for the planet and all our future.
  • No Change In taste: The essential oils that are used in it will not change the taste of any foods you wrap it in.
  • Nice Colors: Lovely colors that stand out and makes your kitchen a little funkier.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: They guarantee that you will love and use them and if you don’t, a simple return for a full refund no questions asked.

Click Here To Check Etee Wraps Out From Official Site

Etee Food Wraps Reviews: The Negatives

All the good positives that we have found and here are some negatives of what we didn’t like about the etee food wraps that maybe will help the company to redesign them in future.

  • Cannot cover fresh meat: One of the pains is that you cannot cover fresh meat with them or is not recommended by the etee company. It’s a bit of a shame but hopes they can fix this in future, but not everyone covers there fresh meat in wrap anyhow.
  • Not To use In Heat: Unfortunately, you cant use this in your ovens or microwaves as the wax would just melt. You will have to use an alternative to cover your food in the microwave or oven and please don’t use plastic wrap.
  • Only 30 Days frozen: You are not recommended to use them in the freezer for more than 30 days which I think is a shame as we store food in the freezer sometimes for months.
  • Drying is a little awkward: These etee food wraps are a bit funny to dry as they are a bit rigid.
  • Seems pricey at first: When you first purchase them, I did think they were a little pricey but now I know otherwise.
  • Wraps different sizes: For me, I prefer to buy them all in one size as they come packaged in 3 different sizes. I would prefer to have the option to buy small, medium or large wraps.

Are Etee Wraps Compostable?

As they are made from 100% organic material, yes you can throw them in the compost and they will biodegrade without no problems.

Are etee wraps safe?

They are 100% safe but obviously like anything doesn’t let little kids put them in their mouth as they could choke on them.

How to make etee wraps.

Yes, you can make your own beeswax but it takes time and effort and here is a link to a youtube video showing on how to make them. But they’re not going to be better than the etee ones.

How to Store etee wraps.

After you have washed them in fresh cold water, dry them with a towel and just lay them flat in a drawer or somewhere where you can easily get them.

What Are eTee Wraps Made Of?

The eTee food wraps are manufactured with 100% Certified organic fabric cotton. Which they have been infused again with 100% Certified Organic Beeswax. They have a bit of organic cinnamon oil in, soy wax, Jojoba oil, and some tree resins. All ingredients are 100% certified Organic and 100% Plastic-Free.

etee How To Activate.

The etee wraps do take a minute to activate, you need to just warm them up in your hands.

Where to Buy etee Wraps

We recommend getting them straight from the official site and not off stores like etee amazon, etee eBay and so forth cause you don’t really know if their official ones and not crappy duplicates.

Do We recommend the Etee Wraps?

As this world is starting to deal badly in plastics overpopulation, for me anything that can replace plastics and are biodegradable works for me and especially they do what it tells you to do.

Time to get rid of plastic
Time to get rid of plastic

The Etee wraps WORK and are safe for the planet and I am glad I stumbled onto them. They do have a few little negatives with them but looking at the bigger picture I can easily and do put up with them.

If your into saving the planet like we are here on and you don’t know where to start, then I really recommend getting rid of plastics and start using these.

If you are really worried about parting with your hard earned cash and not really sure they would be for you, You should not worry as you have a massive 90-Day 100% full money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Click Here To Check out The Food Wraps

Click The Video Above To Check out A different Review From Youtube channel Do Life Healthier

Etee Food Wraps Reviews – Scam Warning.

Just make sure if you are going to purchase the eTee organic food wrap, you should get them on the proper official site as I have seen duplicates on sites like Amazon and Etsy. Not the real McCoy I’m afraid.

Official Website:-

Hope you got the information you needed from this Etee Food Wraps Reviews, If you use any other sort of food wrap, let us know and comment below. and always remember it starts with You.

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