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Benefits Of Reducing Waste In The Workplace

Benefits Of Reducing Waste In The Workplace

The Benefits of Reducing Waste in The Workplace will add up and if you have a small company you will save money, time and off course waste. You do not have to be anxious about changing the way you do at work.

Starting to cut done on waste at work is not costly and you don’t have to have much time to do it, a few tweaks here and there will benefit everyone. It is just a simple mindset. The 4 “R’S” – Recycle, reuse, reduce and repurpose.

Reduce Reuse Recycle repurpose
Reduce Reuse Recycle Repurpose

Money Saving

You can save quite a bit of money in your business if you think about reducing waste. Let us give you a few ideas and a few benefits.

  • Using email instead of writing letters reduces paper wastage.
  • Teach employees to only print what they need to
  • If you print, why not print on both sides of the paper. Reducing your paper waste and cost by half or set printers up to print both sides if you can
  • When you shred paper, use it as packaging material, you won’t need to buy it then and you repurpose your paper.
  • Employees should bring in their own lunch and not buy pre-packed
  • Tell your suppliers to take back their own packaging back to reuse
  • Use refillable ink cartridges
  • When buying cleaning products, buy big and buy concentration cleaners
  • Start Recycling tin cans, glass bottles and have a NO plastic bottle ban
  • Turn off office equipment that’s not being used that including lights
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Try reducing package for goods out and reuse incoming packages like boxes etc
  • Get rid of plastic cups and plastic plates in your restroom. Use proper reusable cups and cutlery.
  • Waste reduction compliance will save you more money
  • The business reputation will become greater and everyone will take you more seriously, like suppliers, insures (saving you more money), customers that will keep coming back.
  • Smart Business’s always win
reduce waste saves money
reduce waste saves money

Saving Space

Cutting down waste starts with things the business purchases, The more you purchase the more space your going to need to store things. Space saving will cut costs down again and let you focus on more ways of making money.

A few ideas you can cut down on waste and increase space.

  • Reuse or Repurpose things like file folders
  • Keep desks, workplace clean & tidy with no clutter.
  • If possible no vending machines
  • Don’t buy paper towels for the toilets, use air dryers or fresh reusable towels
  • Be clean & tidy everywhere
  • Just look around your workspace and think do we really need that or how we can reuse things.
  • The more space you save – less waste.

Environment Support

Putting waste reduction schemes into a workplace does and will have an impact on your business, your employees, workplace morale and will slowly increase profits as well as reducing what you are sending to landfill sites.

Reusing,recycling or repurposing items like ink cartridges, aluminium cans, paper, pens or anything that can be will help the environment and business consumer consumption.

You can even take it further by introducing composting things like employers lunch leftovers or even selling aluminium cans or maybe old work office machine scrap metals. With some funds coming in from this you might give it to your employers as a an accentive on being eco.

There are so many ways your workplace can affect the environment.

Will Enhance Your Company’s Image

Enhance Your Company’s Image
Enhance Your Company’s Image

Cutting waste down and recycling will give your business a “A company that cares” image and that’s where you will get more customers and even better still more profit. People are tending to look at companies message before they work with them.

Those businesses that care and make an effort for the environment is what customers like and more and more people are caring about the environment. Its a win-win situation for you.

A good little video above reducing waste at work from Youtube – office prime supplies

We hope you got some good tips and tricks in this Benefits of Reducing Waste in The Workplace article, We hope you and your colleges can start trying them at your work. It starts with you.

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